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Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore: Using an online marketing firm may have a significant positive impact on any organization. The products or services of an organization do not limit them. Instead, they may exploit the existing internet users to reach the company’s target market. There are no restrictions in digital marketing in terms of what an agency can do for its customers.

More than 400 digital marketing companies have appeared in Bangalore due to the expansion of the digital marketing sector, which offers an unlimited array of possible applications. However, due to the overwhelming number of agencies, you can’t visit all.

Before we identify the top digital marketing company in Bangalore, let’s take a look at some suggestions to help you choose a digital marketing agency.

Top Bangalore Digital Marketing Companies

The top digital marketing company in Bangalore are listed below in no particular order:

Growth Hackers Digital 

Bangalore’s leading digital marketing firm is Growth Hackers Digital. Its name is primarily recognized for its work. Growth Hackers Digital’s main priorities are return on investment (ROI), targeted acquisition, retention, and brand building.

By carrying out and putting into practice results-oriented activities, it has assisted organizations in achieving quick, scalable, and growth that focuses on outcomes. It is also the cause of the early and ongoing success on a worldwide scale that numerous startups, well-known brands, and multinational organizations have experienced.

Gaining recognition as The Best Digital Agency in India in 2020, The Most Promising Marketing Agency, and The Best Advertising and Marketing Firm in India in 2021, Growth Hackers Digital has received several honors. Rated by Clutch, The Best Digital Agency in India in 2022. 

Growth Hackers works with MNCs, Funded Companies, SMEs, and other customers. These clients include Tata Communications, Decathlon, The New Indian Express, ICICI Bank, Mudrex, Loaney, Faber Castell, CueMath, Universal Robots, and others.

The Growth Hackers Digital Decathlon’s original and ROI-focused case studies show a 10x increase in organic traffic and a 100% increase in MOM. We think the prices are fair and they concurrently provide the most promising job.

Dentsu Webchutney

One of India’s favorite creative firms is Dentsu Webchutney. A digital studio was established to participate in the internet revolution in 1999 in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Gurgaon. It is currently focused on developing future brands and employs two hundred people.

Dentsu Webchutney is in charge of overseeing mandates for IKEA, Google, Flipkart, Uber, Swiggy, and countless more creative companies. As the country agency of the year, the Campaign South Asia Digital Agency of the Year, and the ET Brand Equity Agency of the Year in 2019, bringing home 20 medals from Spikes Asia and six Cannes Lions. The Dentsu Webchutney also won the Best of Discipline in Radio & Audio award at the One Show 2022 for “The Unfiltered History Tour.”

According to the case study, Hagglebot users spent a total of $1.23M on merchandise on Flipkart. Flipkart shattered all prior records to take the lead during Christmas shopping with a 70% market share.

Wat Consult

In addition to its office in Bangalore, WatConsult also has locations in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi. The Bangalore division of WatConsult manages companies like Himalaya Group, Jockey India, Bosch Ltd, TATA Tetley, Peopleworks, and Splash India. WatConsult provides a variety of digital business solutions to large Indian corporations.

The Best Integrated Agency (2021), the Top Hybrid Digital Agency in India and the Digital Agency of the Year have all been given to this digital marketing company (2020–2021). It has worked with other companies, such as Goibibo, to expand its clientele. For the services it offers to its clients, the pricing is fair.


Being one of Bangalore’s leading digital marketing firms, Langoor now has offices in Australia, Dubai, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong with more than 150 workers. Leading clients Langoor works with include Intuit, Accenture, Ford, News Corp., and several others. 2019 saw the Havas Group acquire Langoor and rename it, Langoor Havas.

A separate part of the Langoor Havas Enterprise primarily caters to B2B clients. The B2B clients of Langoor, which include organizations like Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Epson, and Adobe, to name a few, are based in Bangalore.


iProspect is one of the largest performance-driven advertising firms, employing 4600 people globally. iProspect has BigBazaar, IKEA, Snapchat, and other companies as clients. Bangalore is home to iProspect offices.

It also has offices at Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. It has won awards for being the top global digital performance agency, one of the best industry agencies, and more. It is the main reason for the great success of many firms, and it costs a lot to use its services.


The digital marketing company in Bangalore Ethinos aids in creating an environment that concentrates on your business. Policy Bazaar, Tata Capital, Tata AIG, Bharti Axa, Mahindra First Choice, Max Hospital, TVS Group, Capgemini, Tata Communications, Reliance Retails Group, and Westside are just a few of the well-known brands in the BFSI, B2B, Edutech, and e-commerce sectors that are included in the agency’s portfolio.

One million or more users enrolled on the website in just 40 days, with 100 new users signing up for Apollo 24/7 every six minutes. Ethinos has received awards such as the Digital Media Mandate for Wellness Forever, The Clutch Award for Best Marketing Agency, and more. They provide services at a premium price point.


Webenza made its debut as a standalone digital marketing firm in 2012. Current clients of the business include ClearTrip, Titan, Ezetap, Titan, Manipal Hospitals, and Titan, to mention a few.

The Webenza digital marketing business also provides a range of price ranges all the while considering its clients’ budgets into account.

Metrix Fox

Metric Fox was established in 1999 and operates in more than five countries. The business has worked with over 3000 clients and provides a wide range of digital marketing services. Metric Fox works with companies like Wipro, HCL, Bosch, Amazon, SAP, and IBM, among others.

Metric Fox employs more than 1200 people located in countries like China, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, and India. A customer-focused digital marketing business, it charges fair prices for its services.


One of the leading performance marketing companies in the country, Performics has offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Gurgaon. Axis Bank, Lenovo, and HDFC are just a few of Performics’ notable clients. Additionally, Performics has autonomous digital marketing companies like Resultrix (2012) and Convonix to increase their presence in India (2013).

The company claims over 800 experts, a broad clientele across many industrial sectors, and market-leading shares in the BFSI, travel, and media & entertainment sectors. The Mobile Premier League awarded The Performics Bangalore the Best Digital Media and Analytics Mandate (MPL). Given the high caliber of its offerings, it charges a hefty price from its customers.


Ittisa is an innovative, girls-only digital media agency established in June 2014. Ittisa, whose name means “The Ruler” in Sanskrit, strives to rule not just the technical world but also the creative world with the help of its tremendously talented and motivated workforce. The employees of Ittisa are an incredibly enticing combination of imagination, tenacity, and ingenuity!

With the assistance of Ittisa, Flipkart has continued to expand and today claims a community of 100 million consumers and more than 100K vendors. Additionally, it was recognized as Bangalore’s Best Marketing Agency.


Almost every business requires employing digital marketing to promote its services, and this strategy’s potential is virtually endless. To help you grow your business, we’ve done our best to assemble a list of Bangalore’s top digital marketing firms in this post. They all have good reviews and provide top-notch services.

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